IMG_0247I’ve lived in the Comox Valley for the past 40 years, and raised my two sons with my husband on Denman Island where we had a small hobby farm.  Before acquiring an oyster and clam lease, I worked for a while with Home Care on Denman Island.   Since I always wanted to be a nurse when I was younger, I entered the nursing program at North Island College and began my career later in life.   I love living and working in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island!

During my career as a nurse I always wished I had more time to spend with the residents I cared for on the ward.  On my last day of work, one of the women asked: “Would you talk to me? I’m so lonely.”  I said: “Of course! Let’s go outside and visit on the porch!”  She was fairly new on the ward and felt so isolated, and really appreciated that I had spent some time speaking with her.  That experience inspired me to do something more meaningful with my work.

Now that I am semi-retired from full-time work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the health care system, I want to take my work in a new direction.  Instead of always being in a hurry to get my work completed, I can now spend more time enjoying conversations with the people I visit. In this way, I can make a difference and bring positive change to the lives my clients.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

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Mary Barclay

I'm a Licenced Practical Nurse now offering companion services in the Comox Valley in B.C.

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